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Common Wildlife Pests in Spokane, WA

Frequent rainfall and high humidity make Spokane, WA, an interesting place to live. Warm temperatures last from spring through fall and allow wildlife to thrive for much of the year. However, heavy rains drive pests to seek shelter in public spaces like parks and lawns.

Spokane Birds

Pest birds like pigeons live throughout the state and roost on balconies and in high-traffic areas where humans leave food scraps behind. They often gather in large flocks, which can cause problems when their droppings accumulate. In addition to being messy and unsightly, pigeon droppings can damage property and put pedestrians at risk of slipping.

Smaller birds, such as the starling, can be equally problematic for Spokane residents. These pests like to live on home exteriors, creating nests that block gutters and vents. Their loud calls, large flocks, and messy droppings combine to make the birds a nuisance. Starlings have growing populations across Northeast Washington.

Squirrels of Washington

Both flying and tree squirrel species cause trouble for homeowners in Spokane, WA. These pests prefer to nest above ground and often choose to live in roofs or upper floors. Once inside, squirrels build nests, tear up insulation in walls, gnaw on wires, and bring ticks or mites into homes.

Bats in the Attic

Of the 15 bat varieties in Washington, 13 are year-round residents of the area. When giving birth or searching for protection from the elements, these animals may squeeze into attics or sheds. While one bat in the house is serious, a whole colony indoors is a real problem. Their droppings collect quickly and spread diseases like histoplasmosis.

Raccoon Damage

Spokane homeowners face a danger of contracting rabies and other diseases when raccoons settle in their yards. The pests tend to rummage in trash cans and burrow under porches to den at night. Seeing a raccoon during the day doesn't mean it is rabid, but such encounters require extra caution.

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