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Wildlife Control & Removal

Pest & Wildlife Pressure in Richmond

Richmond, VA, has a varied seasonal climate that ensures pests are always active. Hot, humid summers lead to animals foraging in yards, while cold winters force them indoors for shelter.

Major Pests

Trouble with Virginia Squirrels

Excluding gray and flying squirrels can be tough for Richmond residents. The animals cause issues year-round when they enter homes to nest in attics, ripping up shingles or creating holes in screens to get inside. Scurrying sounds at night could suggest flying squirrels, while the same noises during the day can indicate a gray squirrel problem.

Raccoons in the Yard

Well-adapted to Richmond's urban sprawl, raccoons search for food and safe den sites in houses. The pests forage in garbage cans and gardens during any season. They also take up residence beneath porches or in crawl spaces, especially in colder months. Raccoon diseases like rabies make infestations a serious concern.

Raccoons in Richmond

Bats in the Home

Richmond residents sometimes find bats in attics, where the pests' droppings spread illness. Some Virginia bat species have federal protection. This makes knowing their seasonal patterns vital to safe and legal exclusion. Wildlife removal professionals are best equipped to deal with bats.

Other Seasonal Pests


Spring brings a host of pests to Virginia yards and homes. Chipmunks and moles burrow in gardens, often attracting snakes looking for a meal. Residents might see skunks and voles on their property, or hear woodpeckers searching for insects. Carpenter bees also appear in spring, but most bee species are not active until mid-summer.


Flying pests are a common sight during Richmond summers. Residents can encounter bee and wasp nests around the home, often resulting in painful stings. A variety of bird species might also build nests in inconvenient areas, and summer is an important time for growing baby bats in attic colonies.


Chipmunks, squirrels, and many other animals spend fall months in Virginia gathering food and preparing for winter. Since insect populations are lower, pests either move indoors or migrate to warmer climates. Many Richmond pests, such as opossums, do not hibernate, forcing them inside to find food and shelter.


Although rats and mice are active all year in Richmond, they can become an issue during winter months. Cold weather drives them indoors to shelter in walls and attics. Along with bats, squirrels, oppossums and raccoons, these pests cause extensive damage and spread disease.


If you've been hearing strange noises at night, such as squeeking, scurrying and scratching, you may have a mouse in your house, mouse in walls, mouse in attic, or mouse in kitchen. Mice may be tiny, but they can pack a punch when it comes to destructiveness. Damaged insulation, chewed wires and odors are a few problems related to mouse infestations. Critter Control of Richmond has trained professionals that can safely and humanely remove mice in house, mice in walls, mice in kitchen, mice in attcs and other rodents from your home. Learn more about mice in Richmond.

Richmond Rats

Rat infestations not only attract Virginia predators, but they can be dangerous in their own right. These rodents spread over 35 diseases through their bites, waste, and parasites. In addition, rats contaminate stored food and any surfaces they touch.

Moles & Voles

Critter Control of Richmond excels in wildlife control services. Chesterfield and surrounding areas have noticed a few cases of mice problems, and other rodent control problems, that have gotten to the point of needing professional help. Mole removal and help with controlling voles is important to keep the condition of your yard and vegetation up to par. Moles and voles will chew vegetation and create tunnels and holes throughout your yard. Critter Control of Richmond offers humane mole removal methods and efficient solutions to mice problems and vole issues.

More about voles in Richmond.

Snakes in Richmond

While the state of Virginia is home to three types of venomous snakes, Richmond falls squarely into copperhead territory. These pests have brown markings that allow them to blend into tall grass, wood piles, and debris. This makes copperheads dangerous, since encounters with unsuspecting people may prompt a startled snake to attack.

As copperhead populations grow in Richmond, so does the risk for a bite. Residents typically see the snakes in summer, when they enter open garages and vents to find shelter from the sun. Since many harmless Virginia species look similar to the copperhead, it is best to avoid handling any snake around the home or yard.

More about snakes in Richmond homes.

Predators and Prey

Copperhead snakes may also enter Richmond homes and yards to hunt for rodents. After heavy rainfall, rats often leave the sewers in search of dry nesting areas. Cold weather brings the pests indoors as well. Droppings and runways or burrows in yards are common signs of a rat problem.

Q&A with Local Franchisee Keith Copi

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?
Gray squirrels, bats and mice.

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?
Squirrels, raccoons, mice, and rats are big problems during the winter and spring months. Woodpeckers are also wintertime nuisances. We see a lot of bats, birds, and snakes during the summer and fall.

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?
Scratching, scurrying, chewed holes in the structure, and other structural damage.

Any prevention tips for residents in your area?
We offer preventative exclusion services.

When should homeowners call Critter Control?
Call you first notice evidence of wildlife activity.

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