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Wildlife Problems in Greater Waco, TX

Warm and comfortable for wildlife, the climate of Waco, TX, lets pests flourish throughout the year. When resources aren't available in their natural habitat, some animals move into urban areas. Problems with raccoons, bats, and squirrels are common.

Adaptable Raccoons

In Waco neighborhoods, raccoons forage in open trash cans and raid pet food bowls. When the pests den in attics, sheds, or chimneys, they are tough to remove safely. A cornered raccoon will use its claws and teeth in self-defense. Attempting to handle these animals is dangerous, as they can carry rabies.

Bats Inside

Bats in Texas cause a range of issues from damage to disease. Scratching and flapping noises in the attic at night may disturb sleeping residents. The pests' waste stains ceilings and spreads harmful mold spores. Bat bites or scratches also put people at serious risk for rabies.

Resident Squirrels

Waco is home to many types of squirrels. Ground-dwelling species often burrow in yards and eat from gardens. In addition to burying food in lawns, tree squirrels also enter houses. The pests damage wiring and insulation indoors, and a squirrel carcass in an attic or wall void produces foul odors.

Texas Armadillos

Enemies of manicured lawns, armadillos prefer loose soil they can easily dig through to find grubs and insects. Their damaging activities leave holes in the yard that harm lawn mowers and cause residents to trip.

The armadillo is also a carrier of diseases such as leprosy. Approaching or touching these pests with bare hands is a bad idea. Even a dead armadillo carries the risk of infection for residents of the Greater Waco area.

Venomous Snakes

From Ellis to Bell Counties, there are a number of venomous snake species in this region of Texas. The diamondback rattlesnake is native to the area and may react to those who ignore its distinct warning sound with a dangerous bite.

When left alone, these pests are not hostile. However, their coloring and scale patterns allow rattlesnakes to blend into their surroundings, making them easy to step on by mistake. Since the reptiles hunt for rodents in tall grass, routine lawn care is crucial to prevent conflicts with snakes in Greater Waco.

Additional Texas Pests

The environment in Waco is ideal for pigeons as well. Homeowners may notice pigeon roosts on top of homes and buildings. While these animals primarily harm property, pigeons can transmit diseases to humans.

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