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Wildlife Problems in Gatlinburg, TN

A popular resort city near the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN, is host to many types of wildlife pests. Thriving tourism and a high population mean plenty of resources for animals to flourish year-round. Some species carry diseases or damage property, posing a serious problem for homeowners.

Squirrels Indoors

One of the most common pests in Tennessee, squirrels scour yards for meals like nuts and seeds. These agile rodents can squeeze through small gaps in loose shingles, uncapped chimneys, or ripped window screens. Once inside, a squirrel may wreak havoc by chewing electrical wiring, nesting in insulation, or even spreading fleas and ticks.

Raccoons and Rabies

Gatlinburg neighborhoods provide raccoons with a steady source of food. These nuisances often tip over garbage cans, eat from gardens and bird feeders, or dig for insects, leaving a mess for residents. An infected raccoon can spread the rabies virus to people and pets, making them a danger near homes.

Bat Benefits and Concerns

While Tennessee bats favor caves and hollow trees, they also roost in sheds and attics. Due to their diet of insects, a colony can reduce mosquito populations. However, exposure to bats puts homeowners at risk for illness. Like raccoons, these animals can transmit rabies. In addition, bat guano indoors may foster the growth of disease-causing Histoplasma mold.

Other Gatlinburg Nuisances

Common animals in urban areas also include skunks and groundhogs. Along with leaving behind a musky smell, a skunk may den under a porch or dig holes in lawns to search for grubs. The groundhog is another frequent outdoor pest in Tennessee. The rodents create extensive burrows and will readily eat garden plants.

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