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Wildlife Problems in Toronto, ON

As the capital of Ontario, Toronto, CA, is the hub of the province. In addition to shelter and food provided by this urban setting, the city's location on Lake Ontario draws pests from the water and surrounding woods. Several animals are common visitors to local lawns and houses.

Raccoons in Toronto

Adaptable and curious, raccoons embrace the hustle and bustle of city life. The pest's diet of insects, fruits, vegetables, and garbage makes Canada neighborhoods prone to infestations. Since the raccoon is a carrier of rabies and canine distemper in this province, people and pets should stay clear.

Squirrels in the House

Though they may seem harmless, squirrels can cause major damage to Toronto homes. These rodents can live in chimneys or build nests in dryer vents, creating a serious fire hazard. A squirrel may also den in the attic and gnaw on wires, wood, or insulation.

More Canadian Wildlife

Skunks often enter Toronto yards and dig holes in search of a meal. Hiding places like woodpiles and porches provide cover. These pests are likely to show up after rainfall when earthworms and grubs surface. If it feels threatened, a skunk will spray a foul-smelling fluid at anyone that gets too close.

Scavengers by nature, coyotes eat everything from rats to trash. Due to the danger they pose to pets and humans, it is illegal in Toronto to feed these wild canines. While usually timid around people, a coyote can turn hostile if it grows used to living in populated areas.

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