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Pest Problems in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON, has warm, humid summers and icy winters. Such extreme conditions often bring nuisance wildlife into neighbourhoods. These animals forage for meals and seek out nesting spots, creating issues in both urban and suburban areas.

White-Tailed Deer Dangers

Abundant throughout Ottawa, large herds of deer create headaches for residents. These pests damage both lawns and landscaping. White-tailed deer near homes also increase the risk of Lyme disease transmission via deer ticks.

In addition, white-tailed deer cause vehicle collisions, which may result in serious injury. The pests are most likely to move between territories at dawn and dusk. This behaviour, which worsens during mating season, leads them to cross highways.

Wild and Free

Wild turkeys are on the rise in Ottawa. The pests thrive in suburbs, where residents sometimes spot them roosting on cars. These non-native wild turkeys are not afraid of people and easily survive cold winters.

Other than hunters, these birds have few predators. When populations grow unchecked, excessive wild turkey foraging damages property. Like white-tailed deer, the pests also cause automobile accidents in rural areas. Ontario homeowners can keep wild turkeys out of the yard by adding fences and cleaning up beneath bird feeders.

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