Raccoons can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. If you suspect that you have a raccoon in your attic or crawlspace, call a professional animal trapper right away. Critter Control of New Jersey was called to a Toms River, NJ home to inspect damage to a customer's attic. What we found was a big smelly mess.

Raccoon Damage in Attic

The raccoon didn't limit the damage to just one small area of the attic. There were two big areas, almost 800 square feet, of damage that needed to be addressed for decontamination. We discovered matted, torn and rearranged insulation which greatly diminshes the insulating value. A strong odor from the urine and feces also needed to be dealt with.

Raccoon Prevention in Toms River

We were able to identify raccoon entry points into the attic as well as potential weak points that may contribute to future raccoon entry. After setting the raccoon trap, we got to work with completing the animal exclusion work.

Our team got to work repairing and reinforcing the soffit to roof line connecting points. We installed stainless roof vent guards and screened attic louvre vents with steel hardware cloth.


Great people to work with!
John with CC has helped us twice in the last six years - first with a minor mouse problem, and then in troubleshooting a mystery animal that was raising a ruckus on the roof. In each case he was friendly, professional, and offered excellent guidance on the practical solutions. Highly recommend him, and this company.
Squirrels chewed siding of chimney. CC tech came out to assess situation. Fortunately animals not in attack. CC repair team came out and repaired damage and did a fine job. Very pleased with the business, their work and customer service.
Cannot say enough wonderful things about this company and Joe especially. We recently found a bat in our basement…SCARY! Called and asked for help, Joe came out at 8pm and was able to search the house, capture the bat safely and removed it from our home. His customer service was priceless to me and I highly recommend this company to everyone. Post visit he even sent a team to further assess our property and provide a quote for future needs.
They helped get rid of bats at our house and were friendly and easy to work with, highly recommend
We appreciated the quick response and the careful service by David Gleason. He explained each step of the process. He also returned to reset traps that had been sprung. He was professional and friendly. We highly recommend Critter Control.
Bryan was great. On time, professional, friendly. Most importantly, honest. No lies, no fear tactics, no gimmicks. Assessed the issue and was honest about the lack of work that actually needed to be done/was recommended, knowing that other places had dramatized and given several thousand dollar (4k+) estimates on a job that costs a couple hundred dollars. Can't recommend enough. Will be using for any future issues.
I’ve been using them for several years now. They are great!
Removed bats from our house and sealed up other areas of concern. Very responsive, explained things throughly to us, and did the work in a very timely manner. Much better than their two competitors that we also called. I would highly recommend them.
We have been having issues in our yard, and recently discovered large holes. Called this team, they immediately came out and determined the holes were partially exposed mole tunnels. They took care of the tunnels (as best they could), and trapped and caught a mole for removal. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough. While I hope it is not needed - we would certainly reach out to them again should a need arise!
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