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Pest & Wildlife Problems in Princeton, NJ

Raccoon Dens

Princeton lawns are ideal for raccoons in search of grubs and other insects. Trashcans and dumpsters are also fair game for the pests. A raccoon will nest under a porch or in an outbuilding when temperatures drop. This behavior is dangerous, as the animals are known vectors for rabies and may attack if threatened.

Squirrels Nests

Squirrels seek shelter in attics and walls during cold New Jersey winters. Once inside, these rodents damage woodwork and can spread disease through fleas and ticks. Keeping the exterior of a home in good repair may help prevent a squirrel from getting inside.

Bat Roosts

Princeton, NJ,is home to many bat species,but the most common are little brownand big brownbats. These nocturnal pests often roost in barnsand sheds in the summer. Their close proximity to populated areas puts people at risk for scratches and bites as well as diseases like rabies.

Best known for its famous Ivy League university, Princeton, NJ, is a beautiful college town that has its fair share of pest issues. Urban development drives wildlife pests closer to homes and neighborhoods, where conflicts between residents and animals sometimes occur.

Venomous Vipers

New Jersey is home to 22 different types of snakes. Two species, the timber rattlesnake and northern copperhead, are venomous. While these reptiles avoid contact with people, they usually do so by blending into their surroundings. Most bites occur when people touch or step on a snake by accident.

Bites from timber rattlesnakes or copperheads can be deadly. To prevent problems with both harmless and dangerous snakes, Princeton homeowners should keep yards free of clutter or debris where the pests can hide. Mowing grass on a regular basis may also keep snakes from coming near homes.

Princeton Skunks

Striped skunks are common in New Jersey. Roughly the size of a house cat, the pests dig for grubs and other insects to eat, creating holes and making unsightly dirt mounds in lawns. Dogs that bother these animals often become targets of foul-scented skunk spray, which is difficult to wash away.

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