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Pest & Wildlife Problems in Mt. Holly, NJ

Mild temperatures in Mt. Holly, NJ, make the area suitable for many types of wildlife. Frequent rainfall may encourage pests like Canada geese and bats to come onto properties seeking shelter. In large flocks or colonies, these pests can be a headache for homeowners.

Raccoons and Rabies

Raccoons living in Mt. Holly pose a health threat to humans. This wildlife pest is a vector for rabies, so a raccoon that wanders into the attic, garage, or chimney is a serious problem. Bites from these animals spread the virus, and both people and pets are at risk.

Squirrels Close to Home

Squirrels have no trouble adjusting to human activity. A steady food supply from mature trees and bird feeders often brings squirrels into New Jersey yards. Here, the pests cause damage by chewing through fascia boards and squeezing through vents to nest in attics.

Canada Geese in Recreational Areas

Residents may have issues with Canada geese and their droppings in Mt. Holly parks and lawns. Goose feces can accumulate on sidewalks and in yards, creating a mess and spreading disease.

Canada geese become hostile when protecting their young. The chance of an attack increases in places where people frequently feed the pests.

Mt. Holly Bat Problems

Bats in New Jersey cause a variety of issues by roosting in attics. In addition to making unsettling squeaking and flapping noises, the pests can transfer rabies to humans through bites and scratches. Foul-smelling bat guano may allow dangerous mold to grow as well.

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