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Common Wildlife Problems in Middletown, NJ

Raccoons and Disease

In New Jersey, raccoons can carry rabies, a disease that affects both people and other animals. In addition, the pests' droppings usually contain raccoon roundworm. Infection is most common in children because raccoons leave their waste in lawns, sand boxes, and other outdoor play areas.

The Problem with Bat Poop

Bats come into conflict with Middletown residents because they sometimes roost indoors. Bats in New Jersey are a significant vector for rabies. Once a colony moves into an attic, their waste builds up over time. Piles of bat droppings are dangerous due to disease. Guano also ruins insulation and stains ceilings.

Squirrel Damage

Agile and energetic, squirrels dig up plants in the garden and climb birdfeeders to find meals. Perhaps the biggest squirrel issuein Middletown occurs when the pests enter houses. Once inside, they can cause costly damage by gnawing on walls and wiring.

The township of Middletown, NJ, includes miles of shoreline along Sandy Hook Bay, a feature that makes the area attractive to wildlife. Local pests like geese and coyotes may damage property or present safety risks for residents.

Canada Goose Problems

In addition to its coastal location, Middletown has parks and green spaces inviting to grazing Canada geese. During the rainy springs and warm summers, these birds gather in yards to eat garden plants and grass.

Canada geese only need access to water and food to settle down in one place. As a result, they often pick yards with lush lawns. Once they start nesting, these pests aggressively defend their homes. Canada geese leave their feces everywhere and spread diseases such as salmonellosis. Their presence also draws predators to the area.

Middletown Coyotes

One of the most common predatory animals in New Jersey is the coyote. They eat everything from garbage to small mammals. When coyotes figure out that they can find food in backyards, the pests slowly become used to sharing their territory. This lack of natural wariness around people puts residents and their pets in danger.

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