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Wildlife Problems in Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg, MS, is in the southern part of the state. Like other warm-weather regions, this city has mild winters that support year-round wildlife activity. Among the most common animal pests are bats, squirrels, and raccoons as well as skunks and coyotes.

Roosting Bats

Bat colonies often return to their previous roosts, so pests that live in an attic one year may return the next. The animals can easily enter attics through loose shingles, torn window screens, or broken vents. Regular home repair and exclusion are the best ways to deter bats from entering houses.

Squirrels in Yards & Attics

Residents of Hattiesburg see their fair share of squirrels roaming around backyards. These rodents dig up lawns to store food and enter homes to nest. In addition to gnawing on wires and soiling attics with urine and feces, a squirrel may bring fleas and ticks indoors.

Unwanted Raccoons

Found throughout Mississippi, raccoons are notorious for making trouble in yards and homes. They tip over garbage cans and expose people to parasites such as raccoon roundworm. The animals can also transmit rabies to humans, pets, and other wildlife.

Invasive Wildlife in Mississippi

Wild hogs live in every part of the state, including Forrest County. Since the territorial pests can become aggressive, Hattiesburg residents may find themselves in conflict with these animals, especially during mating season. Additionally, wild hog populations destroy lawns and spread diseases.

Beaver Issues

Beavers cause unique problems in Hattiesburg. They settle wherever they can find bodies of water and build large dams. These pests disrupt the natural flow of streams and rivers, which leads to flooding. Mississippi homes located near beaver dams often see serious damage.

Predators in Hattiesburg

Coyotes are a problem across Mississippi. These pests venture into backyards to raid trash cans and hunt for rodents. They will eat any pet food left outdoors. A hungry coyote will even attack a cat or small dog if other prey is scarce.

Additional Hattiesburg Pests

Skunks are another local nuissance pest, with both striped and spotted skunks calling Mississippi home. These pests den under porches and decks, causing problems for homeowners by leaving their foul scent behind.

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