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Wildlife Problems in Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills, MI, has four distinct seasons, each of which brings its own problems with pests. Whether fleeing cold, heat, lack of resources, or severe storms, wildlife can often flee into people's homes and yards for refuge.

Raccoon Damage and Disease

Raccoons love to take shelter under sheds and porches. These pests aren't shy about digging or tearing away boards to reach a protected place. Unfortunately, their proximity to people puts residents at risk for raccoon diseases. Rabies is the main concern in Michigan, but the pests also carry roundworms.

Bats in the Attic

Another common vector for rabies in the state, bats congregate around neighborhoods. Bat colonies in Rochester Hills attics can lead to all kinds of problems, including annoying rustling noises and the buildup of foul-smelling feces and urine.

Rochester Hills Squirrels

Residents must also contend with ground, flying, and tree squirrels. The animals can make a lot of noise and trouble as they dart around yards. Ground squirrels tunnel in lawns, while flying and tree squirrels often nest in chimneys and attics. All squirrel varieties can carry fleas and ticks in their fur as well.

Coyotes in Urban Areas

The cold winters in Rochester Hills, MI, pose no problems for coyotes. These pests can survive in almost any habitat as long as there are resources nearby. Both urban and suburban neighborhoods provide plenty of prey and food scraps to keep coyotes coming back for more.

Coyotes will typically shy away from people, but as they spend more time around homes and yards, they can become bold. Either alone or in packs, these predatory scavengers will hunt for rodents in yards, rip open trash bags, and raid gardens in search of food.

Canada Geese in Michigan

With numerous lakes and rivers, Rochester Hills makes the perfect habitat for Canada geese. These large birds prefer to nest around waterways close to developed land. This often causes problems for neighborhoods and parks in Michigan.

When Canada goose populations rise near homes, it can result in large amounts of feces in yards, driveways, and roads. The pests' droppings are a public health hazard due to the spread of disease. Their waste can also cause people to slip and generally makes walking on the lawn unpleasant.

More Problem Pests

In addition, Rochester Hills residents run into skunks. Skunks present a more imminent issue for humans. When these animals see someone approaching, they may spray out of fear, leaving behind a foul smelling odor.

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