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Wildlife Control Services in Grand Rapids

Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Common Wildlife Problems in Grand Rapids, MI   

As the second-largest city in Michigan behind Detroit, the city of Grand Rapids has a population of 192,000 and around one million in the surrounding Metro Grand Rapids area. Located on the banks of the Grand River, Grand Rapids is 25 miles east of Lake Michigan and boasts plenty of parks, lakes, streams, and rivers. As a result, a variety of pests make the city their home. Different seasons bring about a variety of wildlife issues. Colder weather brings home invaders like mice and rats. Warmer weather brings yard dwellers like moles. Spring brings us baby squirrels and raccoons, while summer brings baby bats.

Bat Removal 

The state of Michigan is home to nine species of bats. In the Grand Rapids area, bats spend winters in barns, sheds, or even home attics. Bats are capable of transmitting rabies to humans or pets through a bite, and a bat infestation should be addressed immediately.

Inspection: Your Critter Control specialist will first look for the presence of guano, or bat feces, in and around your property. Bats leave droppings that can quickly accumulate and cause property damage. Please ensure you do not come in contact with guano as it carries histoplasmosis, a life-threatening lung disease.

Removal: Your Critter Control specialist will seal all potential entry points and install a one-way bat valve, ensuring any bats will fly out but cannot return. Never attempt to eliminate a bat yourself by trying to handle it yourself or kill it.

Repairs: Your specialist will ensure that all potential entry points into your home are properly sealed to avoid future bat infestations. And please leave cleaning up any guano to our specialist.

Squirrel Removal

Michigan is home to nine species of squirrels, including flying squirrels and tree squirrels. These pests gather in yards looking for seeds or insects to eat. Squirrels often tear screens and remove vents to get indoors.

Inspection: The most obvious signs that squirrels have taken up residence in your home or business are chewing, droppings, and debris that these animals like to use as nesting material. A squirrel intrusion can be identified by ripped insulation, urine stains on floors, and gnawed wiring in walls.

Removal: Our specialist will determine the most effective and humane way to remove the squirrel(s) from your property, such as live trapping, one-way doors, a deterrent, or direct capture. If babies are found in an attic, they will be hand removed and relocated with their mom.

Repairs: Once the squirrels are removed from your property, Critter Control will seal all entry points and also discuss removing trees or tree branches on or close to your roof that squirrels can easily use to gain access.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are very adaptable common pests in the Grand Rapids area and can be found in urban and suburban areas. While it is legal to kill a raccoon that’s damaging your property, it’s always best to leave raccoon removal to a professional. These pests also transmit rabies through their blood and saliva.

Inspection: Your Critter Control specialists will immediately take note of raided garbage cans, inspect your chimney or attic for nests and look for raccoon feces and footprints as signs that these animals have invaded your property.

Removal: In addition, raccoon droppings pose their own threat to humans and pets, often containing dangerous roundworm parasites. Your technician will remove the raccoon with a humane trap.

Repairs: In addition to repairing any structural damage and encouraging you to eliminate all potential food sources such as improperly secured trash, your Critter Control technician may also apply sanitization and ectoparasite treatments to ensure you and your family stay healthy and safe.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

Like most cities in the United States, Grand Rapids residents combat rodents in their homes and businesses. In fact, the city was ranked among the Top 50 Rattiest Cities in the United States in 2020. Regardless of where you live, safely eliminating rodents from your property should be handled by a trained wildlife specialist.

Inspection: Your Critter Control technician will take note of structural damage to your home or business and look for rodent urine and feces to determine the extent of the rodent problem.

Removal: Once your technician assesses the rodent infestation, they will most likely discuss the use of traps to remove the rodents from your property. It is important to note this could take several days to complete. Your technician will have to check the traps daily until the infestation is eliminated.

Repairs: After all rodents are trapped and removed, we will seal all holes that could easily be used as points of entry for rats and mice. In addition, your specialist may also apply sanitizing agents and ectoparasite treatments.

Skunk Control & Removal 

Skunks are a common pest in the Grand Rapids area. When threatened, skunks can spray a foul-scented musk from their anal glands. In addition to this unpleasant defense, skunks are the most common carriers of rabies. Grand Rapids dog owners should be wary of letting pets wander freely when skunks are nearby.

Inspection: In addition to immediately taking note of the well-known scent of a skunk on your property, your Critter Control specialist will look for tracks and droppings. Skunks establish dens in any area that provides food, water, and shelter. That includes areas such as crawl spaces, basements, and under decks and porches, where it’s also dark and protected from predators.

Removal: Removing a skunk, whether it’s dead or alive, requires professional tools and techniques. If you have identified a skunk on your property, do not approach it. To avoid any danger of getting sprayed or contracting rabies or other diseases, contact a Critter Control professional to humanely remove the animal from your property.

Repairs: The presence of a skunk leaves an acrid odor, and their pungent spray can severely damage indoor or outdoor property. Critter Control specializes in getting rid of these odors and repairing any property damage. In addition to repairing any soiled property, we also repair damaged access points, including foundation vent screens.

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

Our Grand Rapids-based Critter Control team has the knowledge, experience, and humane equipment for handling nuisance wildlife. The Critter Control difference:

  • We are trained wildlife specialists who understand how to properly hand each species safely and with care.
  • We ensure our specialists receive the most up-to-date training.
  • Our work doesn’t stop after we remove the nuisance animal. We will help repair your property so the animals stay away.

Why Chose Critter Control

  • We only use the most humane techniques for removing nuisance wildlife.
  • We have more than 30 years of experience handling wild animals.
  • We are familiar with the Grand Rapids area and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Wildlife Control Q&A with Critter Control of Grand Rapids

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in Grand Rapids? 

We're plagued with squirrels, raccoons, bats, woodchucks, birds, moles, skunks, and opossums.  

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area? 

Different seasons bring different animal problems. Colder weather brings home invaders like mice and rats. Warmer weather brings yard dwellers like moles. Spring brings us baby squirrels and raccoons, while summer brings baby bats. 

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity? 

  • Muddy paw prints on structural supports 

  • Noise in the attic, walls, between floors, or in the chimney  

  • Animal droppings and holes in the lawn 

Do you have any wildlife prevention tips for residents in your area? 

Make sure all animals are out of your structure before you seal things up. The last thing you want to do is to force an animal into your living space because it can't exit your home. You also don't want trapped animals dying in your home. 

When should homeowners call Critter Control? 

Homeowners should call at the first sign of animal activity. 

Critter Control of Grand Rapids 

Critter Control provides professional wildlife control services in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our wildlife specialists are licensed and trained in the safe and humane removal of all nuisance animals, including bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and other animals specific to the Grand Rapids area. We also specialize in animal exclusion and damage repair. 

With more than 30 years of experience in handling wild animals, we understand the danger they pose to the residents and businesses of Grand Rapids. These pests are also capable of inflicting serious damage to property. Our first priority is protecting our customers as well as their assets. If you have a wildlife intrusion in the Grand Rapids area, contact our experts at Critter Control as soon as possible.   

*Certain geographic restrictions apply to free inspection. 

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