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Pest & Wildlife Problems in Southern MD

Venomous Snakes in Southern Maryland

The South Maryland area is home to many snake species, including dangerous copperheads. They may move into garages, sheds, and other outdoor spaces. Most do not damage yards and are wary of humans, but they will bite if provoked or startled. Firewood, debris, rock piles, and areas beneath decks are popular hiding spots.

Issues with Woodpeckers

Another common pest in Maryland is the woodpecker. These birds hammer their beaks against trees and home siding to look for insects, construct their nests, and establish their territory. This can damage structures and create unsightly dents. Residents also find their drumming noises annoying, especially while trying to sleep.

Dealing with Skunks and Opossums

These nuisance pests are a familiar sight in Southern Maryland. Both animals forage for food in gardens or garbage and den under porches. Many people find the opossum's rat-like appearance disturbing. The skunk's foul-smelling spray and hole digging habits make it an equally unwelcome guest.

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