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Wildlife Problems in Peoria

The largest city along the Illinois River, Peoria, IL, is an ideal place for pests to find all the resources they need to survive. In addition to a large population, the city has four distinct seasons. Abundant shelter and changing weather mean residents can expect to deal with wildlife issues year-round.

Bats and Disease

Bats often roost near the lakes and rivers of Illinois. While caves and trees offer shelter, the animals may rest in homes when it's warm or start colonies in attic during cold months. Bats indoors increase several health risks for residents. These pests can spread rabies, and their droppings create the conditions for harmful mold to grow in houses.


Raccoons are intelligent animals that can present many problems for residents of Peoria. These pests will live anywhere food and shelter are available. Raccoons often create dens near porches, decks, or attics. This can be dangerous, as they can spread rabies.

Since raccoons are nocturnal, they forage at night and damage gardens by eating vegetables or searching for rodents. The animals routinely feed from trash cans, dumpsters, or pet food left out overnight. Bird feeders and compost piles can also attract hungry raccoons.

Squirrels and Rats

Rodents, like rats and squirrels, can damage homes, gardens, or yards. These pests chew the bark from trees, dig in flower beds, and infest attics and basements. As chilly weather arrives in Illinois, squirrels look for warm places to store food, while rats move into homes searching for pantry goods and nesting spots.

The pests may enter houses through open dormers, damaged roofing, or walls in disrepair. Once inside, rodents cause damage by ripping up insulation, chewing on wires, and gnawing on support beams. Peoria homeowners may have a tough time getting rid of squirrel or rat infestations without professional assistance.

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