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Wildlife Problems in Peoria, IL

Located on the Illinois River and surrounded by prairies and woodlands, Peoria, IL, is a prime target for wildlife. As the city's economy booms, urban and suburban development increases as well. The resulting habitat loss drives pests like raccoons, squirrels, and coyotes into residential areas for food and shelter.

Bats and Disease

When bats roost in attics, guano builds up on the floor underneath the colony. Inhalation of fungal spores that develop in bat waste can lead to histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease. In Peoria, bats are also a vector for rabies, so residents should avoid any contact with these animals.

Hungry Raccoons

Illinois residents often see raccoons hunting for crayfish near the river. However, the pests venture near homes to find meals, too. In its search for food, a raccoon will rummage through trash cans, raid bird feeders, and eat from dog bowls at night, leaving a mess in the yard for homeowners to discover the next morning.

Squirrels in the Home

Gray squirrels cause several serious issues for residents. These pests easily climb along power lines and rooftops to enter Peoria homes. They usually gain access through broken roof shingles and open vents. Once inside an attic, a gray squirrel may gnaw on wiring, shred insulation, and soil ceilings with urine and feces.

Other Pests in Peoria

Many wildlife species have adjusted to living in residential areas. Illinois homeowners are likely to spot a coyote or opossum wandering through their backyards. As predators, coyotes typically feed on rabbits and rodents. However, when prey is scarce, they will also hunt cats and small dogs.

Opossums are less of a threat, but they do tip garbage bins over to scavenge meals and often den beneath decks and porches.

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