Siesta Key Rodent Removal

Rodents damage your property, make family members sick and can impede business if they are found in a commercial setting. According to research curated by the University of South Florida, 80 percent of surveyed companies reported that damaged merchandise and destroyed structures are one of the most costly aspects of rodent damage. While the diseases from rodents are carefully documented, many homeowners tend to overlook the threat that they pose over personal property.

When You Should Call Critter Control Sarasota

  • Piles of insulation. Rodents will gnaw and borrow into insulation, tunneling inside walls and attics. If you suddenly find a hole in your insulation, with the telltale pile of chewed insulation bits, then there is a good chance that you have a rodent infestation.
  • Intermittent electricity. Rodents will also build nests in large electrical appliances, taking advantage of the warmth emitted by the voltage, and also chewing on wiring which can cause applications to short-circuit or work intermittently.
  • Rodent droppings. Droppings are a sure sign that rodents are present. If you're able to, visual inspection of the droppings will be able to indicate the type of rodent, the size of the infestation, and where they are most active in your property. Thankfully, Critter Control® of Sarasota will be able to ascertain that for you.
  • Oily streaks and gnaw marks. Rodents are greasy due to secreted oils and their environment where grime, dirt, and pathogens attach to their coats. Oily rub marks are left in places wherever rodents travel — which would typically show along the walls, the corners of a room, and along entryways. Rodents are very cautious and will usually only travel along areas that they know are not frequented. If you notice oily marks along the walls, sprinkle a bit of talcum powder or flour. If you see small footprints or a disturbance along the powder, then that is a sure sign that there are rodents in your home.

Critter Control Rodent Removal in Siesta Key

Critter Control® of Sarasota specializes in damage repair, odor control, the humane trapping of animals, and environmentally-friendly pest control. We specialize in residential and commercial mediation. If you need help or if you're interested in getting a free estimate today, contact us via our contact page or call us at 941-355-9511.

Siesta Key Squirrel Removal

Some unwanted house guests won't take a hint. Squirrels, for example, can be difficult to budge once they've found a comfortable place to nest within the walls of your home. These cute and tiny members of the rodent family may seek shelter during adverse weather conditions through access points in walls, roofs or foundations. Once inside, they may remain invisible to the eye, but homeowners will know they are around. Here are some of the tell-tale indications that you may have a squirrel infestation:
  • Smell. Squirrel urine and feces leave a distinct musty odor. On occasion, animals may also die between walls leading to further unpleasant odors.
  • Droppings. Waste can be corrosive to certain building materials and is also a source of bacteria and disease.
  • Destruction. Squirrels have sharp teeth to gnaw through insulation, wiring and even drywall and wood to find food and nesting materials. The mess they leave behind is not just annoying; it can create a fire hazard.
  • Noise. You may hear scampering feet, squeaks and other sounds coming from the attic or between walls and under floorboards. If a nesting area gets too crowded, you may hear the sounds of fighting as well. You may find yourself waking in the night as a result.

Squirrel Dangers

Squirrels in the house are not just a smelly, noisy nuisance. As carriers of disease such as leptospirosis, Lyme disease, and rabies, they can pose a real health threat to you and your family. For these reasons, homeowners with young children may not want squirrels anywhere on the property. Outbuildings and garages, as well as large trees in close proximity to human food supplies (i.e., garbage) are also attractive to squirrels.

Call the Professionals

If you have (or think you have) a squirrel problem in your home or around your property, don't waste time with DIY solutions that usually don't work. Why not let the trained animal removal experts at Critter Control Siesta Key deal with the issue once and for all? They'll not only safely and humanely remove unwanted animals; they'll clean up the mess and advise homeowners on how to avoid future infestations. Call us today at 941-355-9511 for a complimentary consultation.

Siesta Key Rat Removal

Sometimes a rat and mice infestation is viewed as one in the same when in reality there are unique challenges as to how they should be remediated. Here's how to differentiate between a rat and mice infestation in your home:
  • Breeding patterns. Mice are prolific breeders, and it is easy to have an infestation of these pests than with rats. A single mouse can have ten litters consisting of six mice in a single year, which equates to about almost five dozen mice in a year. Rats are not as prolific, and it will take longer for an infestation to take hold in a residential setting. Unattended commercial settings - especially in facilities that deal with food items - improve the chances of a rat infestation taking hold.
  • Droppings. In Sarasota, there are typically two main species of rats that can infest a home or property - the roof rat and the Norway rat. The Norway rats are slightly larger than the roof rat, with the latter creating droppings of about an inch long, while the former having slightly smaller droppings. With mice, droppings are typically about 1/4 of an inch in length or shorter. When compared to rat droppings, these droppings are incredibly small and makes it a lot easier to distinguish between which rodent is taking refuge in your home.

Damage Repair and Restoration

Critter Control® can help with your rat infestation in more ways than one. We have a dedicated animal dropping cleanup crew that removes the signs of a rat infestation after they have been removed. Our team can safely remove any critters and expertly cleanup any evidence that they have left behind. Rats, like other rodents, are keen to gnaw their way into your home and into places where they shouldn't be. Critter Control® of Sarasota offers damage repair and restoration services in the case of severe damage to your property, home, and belongings.

Contact the Experts

Contact us via our contact form that will allow you to describe your possible infestation. This will help us assess your situation and come up with a plan that is specific to your scenario. Alternatively, you can contact Critter Control® of Sarasota via our toll-free number, 941-355-9511.

Siesta Key Mice Removal

Mice have been plaguing humans for about as long as humans have been around — they are nimble, voracious opportunistic feeders, and thanks to the ability to slip to the smallest of entryways, can quickly find refuge in your Sarasota property without you even knowing it. Unfortunately, if you're able to perceive mice in your home, then there are probably dozens more hidden within your property. If you aren't sure if you have a current mice population, then look for these telltale signs:
  • Light gnaw marks. Newer gnaw marks will be lighter in color and darken as they age. If you found gnaw marks and they are lighter in color, then that is an indication of a recent infestation that is taking hold in your home. You will notice these gnaw marks on food packaging or along structures in your home.
  • Runways. Mice do not explore exposed areas, using dedicated "runways" and tracks instead. A commercially available black light can help expose smudge marks, urine stains, and footprints on suspected areas that are trafficked by mice. Place a thin layer of talcum powder or flour along these "runways." If you have an active rodent infestation, then you will likely see trails in the powder after a few days.

When Should You Look for Professional Services?

Ideally, you should contact Sarasota Critter Control as soon as you find signs of mice. It's important to note that mice are more than just an uninvited guest — they are carriers of diseases and are a health risk, especially for the elderly, young family members, and those with compromised immune systems. Exposure can lead to potential illnesses like the hantavirus, rodent-borne viral infectious diseases called lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and tularemia.

Critter Control Advantage

Reach out to our local pest specialists at Critter Control® of Sarasota. We will discuss your mice problem, schedule necessary appointments, and provide a free consultation. Our state certified pest specialists will provide treatment at an appointment time that is convenient for you. Contact Critter Control® to learn more, or call 941-355-9511.

Wildlife Control Reviews

Hari Dharam K.
Our current technician is very good.  He always calls us the day before so we know when he is coming.  He also has done a very good job keeping pocket gophers in check. 
- Espanola, NM 
Maria R.
Mike did our service today. He was awesome! He addressed and resolved a couple of critter issues we were having. It's really helpful to be reminded when he was coming and texted me when he was on his way. Thank you for the great service!

Service: Rodent Control in Santa Fe
Pat S.
We appreciate that your company was able to rid our property of the squirrel activity that we observed. We were concerned that the squirrels would dig under the foundation of our house (which had happened to a neighbor in our area).

Thank you for doing what you said you would do to eliminate this squirrel activity.

Service: Ground squirrel control in Rio Rancho, NM
Paul C.
We personally have a bad infestation for a while, Critter Control has been stellar in the customer service/ communication department, We are still working on the infestation but CC has been absolutely above and beyond our expectations with some of our projects hurdles.

Services: Wildlife Control in Philadelphia
Kirk D.
It has been very effective at reducing the number of mice, lizard, and snake sightings. During one visit Edgar removed a rattlesnake he came across. We may see a snake maybe two to three times during the spring and summer months, but it has been far less than before.

Serivces: Wildlife & Rodent Control in San Diego
Estelle R.
Melinda is a true professional.  She has helped us maintain a "critter-free" home.  Whenever a mole decides to visit our property, she is right on top of it.  Her recommendations about mosquito control made a big difference for my boys to be able to enjoy our backyard.  

Services: Mole Control in St. Louis
Jennifer M.
We use Critter Control to deter snakes. We haven't seen any since using the monthly service. They are quick to answer questions and explain snake behavior. Also, if any are found they remove them with no extra charge. 

Services: Recurring Snake Control in Destin, FL
Patricia B.
Have been using for almost 10 years after a record rat invasion. The help I had back then was like a super-helpful friend taking a few weeks to rid me of that invasion. Over the years I have had a few other representatives. They are always nice and helpful. 

Services: Rat Control in Austin, TX
Pat S.
Very informative and very knowledgeable staff in the field. Also they keep you up to date of how things are progressing. 

Services: Wildlife Control in Detroit
Kathy S.
Knowing my critter control professional & his familiarity with my property, especially when emergency wildlife issues arise.

Services: Wildlife Control in Quad Cities
Vincent S.
On recommendations from a nearby pest control company, I called Critter Control for suspicious bat droppings.

Madison came out the same day to do an inspection. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and highly professional. She examined the ‘matter’ that had been scattered on my threshold and thought it was foliage. But she then asked to go up to my attic space where the bats could be roosting. She had to walk up 3 flights of stairs with a heavy ladder. She again spent some time searching all the nooks and crannies and found nothing.

She seemed so interested in her craft, it was truly inspiring to see! She reassured me and is writing up a prevention strategy for my appraisal. She charged me NOTHING!! I am so impressed. We need more Madisons in this world!

Service: Bat Removal in San Diego
Daniel did a great job pigeon proofing. We have a huge pigeon problem in our neighborhood and the pigeons were roosting in the gutters of my house and my two next door neighbors, who also had nests in their gutters and under their air conditioner. Pigeon poop filled our gutters, and was piled on the outside floor when I bought the house. Since Daniel's pigeon proofing, and my neighbors also pigeon proofing their gutters, fireplace chimney, air conditioners, and removal of nest, I rarely see pigeons any more. Only the lovely native sparrows, robins, vermillion fly catchers, and mourning doves visit our property now.

Service: Bird Control in Albuquerque
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