Trussville is one of the best places to live in Alabama and is rapidly growing. Located only 25 miles from Birmingham, Trussville has the conviences of a big city but the charm of a small town. Located on the Cahaba River, there is plenty of water for animals to thrive in Trussville. Coupled with the encroaching development, people's homes provide food and shelther for nuisance wildlife. 

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Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Trussville, AL

Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration.

Raccoon Removal

Humans rarely see the masked bandits who scavenge at night. It’s their destruction that is most noticed. You will see tipped garbage cans, scattered pet food, damaged garden crops, missing chickens, and holes in sod. But that’s not all. Raccoons damage your home too. They will make a dent in your chimney, attic, crawlspace, and under your deck. They will gnaw, chew, rip, and shred anything that gets between them and their den.

Raccoons in Trussville also leave behind droppings that can be toxic. For the safety of you, your home, and your property, raccoons should be professionally removed. Our process has three steps.

Inspections: We investigate all signs of raccoon presence and damage, from smudges on siding and spotting dens in your attic. We assess damages like gnawed wires, torn screens, and ripped holes. We then start the removal process.

Removal: In Alabama, we are allowed to take one raccoon per incident. If you have more than one raccoon or a raccoon with babies, permits are required. Critter Control experts have the correct Wildlife Damage Permits for completing the job. 

Repair: Repair services include fixing all damages caused by the raccoon, including gnawed wiring, screen replacements, resodding the lawn, fencing gardens, removing nests, and sanitizing areas where raccoons were active. We also focus heavily on exclusion methods, so you don’t have future raccoon problems. Examples include correctly storing pet food and trash bags, sealing all potential entry points to your home, capping vents and chimneys, and, if necessary, installing electric fences to preserve livestock and crops.

Squirrel Removal 

Another scavenger in abundance Trussville wildlife is the squirrel. We have Southern flying squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and fox squirrels in our area. You can see them anywhere from running across electrical lines in the city, dashing across the backstreets, and nesting in your attic. Yes, squirrels love to find a place that offers food, water, and shelter. Your home and property may offer all three.

If you have bird feeders, you will likely have squirrels. They enjoy seeds, nuts, pine cones, bark, tree buds, berries, and for some, bird eggs. They will use anything to build a nest in your attic, from twigs and leaves to insulation and that heirloom quit you treasure.

Here’s how we can help.

Inspection: Our pros know everything there is to know about all species of squirrels, even how to spot urine stains. We identify squirrel activity, damages, and habitat sources.

Squirrel Removal: Getting rid of squirrels is typically done with CritterSafe traps. However, there are many other methods if trapping doesn’t work. Alabama allows us to take one squirrel per damage incident. We have all the proper permits, though, if we need to take more than one. We take care of disposal, so you don’t have to.

Repair: Repair services start with closing all entry points into your home, keeping all critters out. We fix damaged wires, screens, and boards. We clean and sanitize the area and can put up barriers on trees and roof edges. For exclusion, we help you eliminate food and water sources on your property, like those overflowing bird feeders. We teach you how to care for the birds without attracting squirrels.

Bats in the Attic Removal

Though they prefer to roost in natural locations, bats sometimes find their way indoors. They nest in remote areas, such as attics, but their presence can still pose a danger to residents. Bat guano often fosters the growth of a disease-causing fungus. Mold spores may become airborne when people disrupt a bat colony or attempt to clean.

Inspection: Bats are easy to locate. Our assessment focuses primarily on assessing damages and identifying food and water sources.

Removal: Bats fly out every night to feed. During this time, we can seal the holes and cracks that allowed them into your attic so they can’t return. If a bat doesn’t leave, we have safety equipment specific to bat removal.

Repairs: Repairs include removal of bat guano and urine and application of a sanitizer. Exclusion methods include reducing or removing food and water sources that attract insects. Areas with stagnant water, exterior lights, uncovered trash, and livestock manure attracts bugs that attract bats.

Rat Removal in Trussville, AL

Rats and mice are not discriminating when it comes to type of house or age. Whether a new construction or a traditional I-House, rodents can get in to any home. Rats and mice can gnaw through virtually any material on a home. 

Whether you have a problem with the Norway rat, roof rat, black rat, or house mouse, you must get rid of them immediately. Trussville rodents can cause a lot of damage in a short time. They cost your money each time they sneak into your pantry and chew through food boxes, gnaw on electrical wiring, and damaged shingles on your roof as they travel.

Rodents can squeeze through tiny holes. Mice only need a hole the size of dime. Tt takes experts to eliminate a rodent problem. Here’s how we do it.

Inspection: We investigate inside and outside your home. We look for droppings, trails, gnawing, and nesting. We also find every possible opening for which they can use to enter your home. We locate the food and water sources that attracted them in the first place.

Removal: Our experts are licensed to control rodents in Alabama. For one or two mice, you can use ordinary mouse traps. But because rats and mice reproduce all year, you likely have more than a couple of critters. We have the right tools and equipment to get rid of rodent litters and families.

Repair: Exclusion methods are essential because you don’t want a future rodent problem. We can teach you how to store foods to avoid attracting rodents properly. Our primary focus is on sealing every possible entry point in your home, no matter what size it is. If a rodent cannot get into your house, you won’t have a problem.

Bird Control in Trussville

There is such thing as too many birds on your property. Eventually, they will make their way on and into your home. They love to build nests in your eaves, chimney, attic, and gutters. If you’ve been seeing birds flying to specific spots in your home, they may have a nest nearby.

Birds leave droppings everywhere on your property. The droppings create unattractive stains. If you own a business, this is not what you want your customers to see. Their nests block vents and gutters, which can damage your home over time. While birds are not harmful, they are annoying.

In Alabama, there are only three unprotected species of birds. Meaning we can get rid of them without permits. They are the pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, all of which are non-native wildlife. If protected birds are causing damage to your home, we can obtain the proper permits from the Department of Wildlife before we begin our process.

Inspection: We know how to spot the signs of bird activity even when they are not flying around outside. We search for entry points into your home so we can learn how to keep them out. We identify all possible food and water sources that attract birds to your property.

Removal: We assist birds in flying out of your home with cones that allow them out but make it impossible for them to return. We clean and sanitize nest areas and stains from droppings and urine. We are also able to properly remove nests and eggs from trees, buildings, and homes. Birds sometimes accidentally fly into your home or business, get scared, and find their way into tight spots that they can’t escape. We have the tools to get them out of these tight spots.

Repair: The best course of action is to modify the habitat you’ve created on your property so that it is less attractive to birds. Removing bird feeders and eliminating water sources that can be breeding grounds for bugs. We can also install netting or roof ledge spikes that deter birds from roosting on your home.

Typical Wildlife Questions 

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in Trussville?
Around here, our most common offenders are Bats, Raccoons, Squirrels (Flying and Ground), Roof Rats, Mice and Moles.
What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?

Finding offspring, animal droppings, large holes in vents or louvers, openings in crawlspaces, holes in the ground or tunnels in the yard, are all common signs of nuisance wildlife activity.

Any prevention tips for residents in suburbs of Birmingham?
Do not try to handle wildlife on your own. Rabies has been found in the area and there are several other wildlife diseases that can threaten your health.

When should homeowners call Critter Control?
At the first sign of noises, or holes in your home or business.

Critter Control Reviews

Robert B.
Full service. Excellent job of extracting raccoon, cleaning all animal waste, sanitizing, and spraying anti-parasitic substance. They closed all potential ports of entry, though the work did not match the vinyl, and it looks kind of tacky. They added blown insulation, which added a lot to the cost. They provide a one year warranty against animal intrusion, with an option to extend the warranty at the end of each one- year period. They were willing to work with me one the price. I will probably extend my warranty, and will definitely use them it the future.
Gene F.
I was really impressed by these guys. Got a call within a few hours of making an inquiry. Had a rep out to inspect the situation by the end of the week, and when they laid out the timeline they kept if not exceeded listed times.

Rob, Travis, and Jim were all professional, polite, and courteous and after months of hearing squirrels in my ceiling they are gone and the repair to my flashing looks excellent. Can't recommend these guys enough.
Bob I.

Jeff was incredibly professional and helpful. I'll use them again and would recommend them to anyone.
-Detroit, MI
Richard L.

Critter Control did a great job of evaluating our house for sites of entry after we found bats and a squirrel in our attic. They completed their work promptly and professionally.
-Seattle, WA
Kenneth H.
We heard some noise from the corner of our house. Concerned that it could be inside we called for an inspection. Jessy arrived as scheduled and conducted a complete inspection of our home. Based on a recording we made he determined we had a tree frog on our roof. I was pleased that we didn’t have any rodent in our house. And his inspection could a few spots I can tighten up around my house. I am very happy with the outcome.
-New Hampshire
Lee F.
We have a vacation home in Western Mass and haven’t been there much during the pandemic as we live and work in Atlanta, GA. On our most recent visit we noticed that we had some rodent intrusion as well as some un-welcomed wildlife who decided to make our vacation home their home.

We contacted Critter Control and Mr. Cahoon was quick to set up an appointment as we wouldn’t be in town very long. He came out and assessed our issues. He informed us of our options to both eradicate and control future intrusions. Keeping in mind that wildlife is wildlife! He quickly got to work eradicating the rodents and wildlife from our home and addressing the intrusion issues. We feel much better leaving our vacation home for periods at a time knowing that Mr. Cahoon and Critter Control did their job and did it right! Thanks again!
Mary L.
We bought an old cabin last spring , it was used for years as a summer vacation cabin, therefore maintenance wasn’t a priority. After our project to remodel started, we found evidence of mice droppings.

We immediately called Critter Control and they came and gave us a reasonable estimate to remove all remnants and insulation. They sanitized and replaced with new insulation and sealing up points of entry .

Seeing their professional work made us feel confident and secure that the problem was solved ! Everyone we worked with continued to show professional and respectful work. Highly recommend this company! We continue to use critter control monthly to be sure we are mice and bug free!
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