The most effective squirrel control is exclusion repairs. Squirrel trapping on solves the immediate problem but still leaves your house vulnerable.

Squirrels’ damage usually comes from their chewing and gnawing. Squirrels can squeeze through a hole the size of a golf ball. Squirrels can chew through siding, wood, metal, and shingles to gain access to your attic. 

Squirrel Damage Repairs

Squirrels only need a gap a few inches to gain etnry to your home. Their sharp teeth can gnaw through most house materials, and a squirrel won’t stop gnawing just because the hole is big enough. Once the squirrel has been removed, you need to repair the entry points to keep other squirrels out.

Squirrel Entry PointsSquirrel Exclusions
squirrel damage fascia
squirrel damage gable ventexclusion vent

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