Do Skunks Dig Holes? 

Why Do Skunks Dig Holes?

In addition to being known for their noxious spray used as a defense mechanism, skunks can be destructive pests due to their digging habits. Skunks dig holes for a variety of reasons, most notably to find food and to build a den. The omnivorous animals have a wide-ranging diet that can include mice, small amphibians, bird eggs, fish, and garbage. Their preferred food, however, is mostly insects.

In the late summer months and early fall, skunks in search of grubs, beetle larvae, and worms to feast on will dig cone-shaped holes that can be anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in diameter. Property owners who come across such holes or disturbed turf may have a skunk problem and should contact a professional pest control specialist.

Problems Caused by Skunk Holes

Skunks use their sharp front claws to dig holes. When skunks are found in urban and suburban settings, they are known to burrow under residential structures such as decks, porches, and concrete slabs. In doing so, skunks can cause structural damage over time. They can also damage lawns, gardens, and even golf courses when they dig for insect grubs in the soil.

skunk hole in yard
skunk hole in yard

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