Image of a Roof Rat

Rodent Trouble

Unlike the Norway rat, roof rats typically nest in trees, attics, and walls. These pests are often to blame when homeowners hear scratching and scuffling noises coming from ceilings or upper floors. Only in rare cases do roof rats burrow.

Do Roof Rats Burrow Under Houses?

In areas with temperate climates, these rodents do not normally dig tunnels. They prefer to build nests among tree branches or use utility lines to access a roof or attic.

However, in a hot, dry environment, roof rats burrow in shallow cavities beneath concrete slabs, sidewalks, or tree roots.

The Norway rat digs tunnels to nest because it prefers to be on ground level. If residents find a rat burrow near the home, it most likely belongs to a Norway rat, not a roof rat.

Roof Rat Prevention

Regular inspection and repair of cracks and gaps in roofs, vents, and pipes or wiring will go a long way toward keeping roof rats from accessing a home. Removing vines and trimming overhanging limbs away from shingles or siding also helps.

These methods help deter rats, but removal can be more difficult. Contact the pest professionals at Critter Control to assist with rat burrows and other rodent issues in the home.

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