Can People Get Muscovy Duck Diseases?

Among the many transgressions blamed on Muscovy ducks, transmitting diseases to humans might be the most serious. However, there is no evidence to suggest this is true. There are Muscovy duck diseases that pass from bird to bird, such as parvovirus and duck virus enteritis. These can be devastating to duck health or even fatal, but are not transmittable to people.

Healthy Nuisance

Muscovy duck disease is not generally a problem. The species has a reputation for hardiness, so much so that they frequently breed themselves into dominating a locality. This is the root of Muscovy ducks' unpopularity, worsened by their surly demeanor and tendency to chase after any thing that enters their territory. If a flock of these pests stakes its claim to private property, the professionals at Critter Control can show them who's boss.

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