Chipmunk Appearance

Chipmunks are a small species of ground squirrel. These brown rodents only grow up to five or six inches long and weigh about three ounces. Though small in size, chipmunks are very distinctive thanks to the two white stripes that mark their short, pointy heads. Additionally, the pests have black and white lines running down the length of their backs.

image of chipmunkFinding Chipmunks in the Yard

Though most ground squirrels prefer to live in woodlands, chipmunks frequently burrow in and around homes where there's access to food and water. Yards with bird feeders are especially favorable to the pests. When infestations move indoors, homeowners may hear scratching noises. Since mice and rats will make a similar ruckus, the only way to properly identify chipmunks is to see them. Chipmunks are easy to identify because of their distinct markings, whereas other rodents, like mice, are typically one solid color.

Damage and Removal

When chipmunk populations become large enough, they create many problems. Excessive burrowing can cause structural damage to patios, stairs, walls, and even house foundations. The rodents also tear up yards and destroy gardens. To avoid costly repairs, contact the professionals at Critter Control to safely and effectively address chipmunk infestations.

chipmunk foraging for food

chipmunk in a yard

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