Image of a Chipmunk

Chipmunk Feeding Habits

In residential areas, chipmunks eat pet food from outdoor bowls and steal seeds straight from bird feeders. These pests forage in the morning and come back for seconds in late afternoon. During times of abundance, the chipmunk diet mostly consists of mushrooms, berries, and insects.

What Do Chipmunks Eat in the Garden?

These pests are a nuisance in gardens, feeding on vegetables and fruits while digging up bulbs and seedlings. Chipmunks eat flowers and other green vegetation along with nuts, seeds, and forbs.

On the positive side, the animals encourage the growth of plants by dispersing seeds into food caches across their territory.

What Do Chipmunks Eat in Yards?

When food is scarce, the chipmunk diet is flexible. The pests will scavenge for anything edible, including carrion or small birds and their eggs. They gnaw on tree bark and wooden structures, creating deep tooth marks and scratches.

Solving Problems with Foraging Chipmunks

Not only do chipmunks eat plants in gardens, but their burrows can cave in sidewalks or ruin ditches. In areas with plenty of food and thick brush, populations may grow as large as ten chipmunks per acre. Critter Control's expert pest management can keep these hungry animals from creating issues in the yard.

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