Are chipmunks wintering in your home?

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Do Chipmunks Hibernate in the Winter?

Although homeowners rarely see these pests during winter, chipmunks do not hibernate. They do, however, try their best to avoid chilly conditions.

Where Do Chipmunks Go During Cold Weather?

Chipmunks spend spring and summer building tunnels that extend deep into the ground. They collect enough food to last several months and then move to the lowest chambers in their burrows.

When Do Chipmunks Hibernate?

While not in true hibernation, chipmunks do enter a state of rest to conserve energy. From late fall to early spring, the pests spend the majority of their time sleeping underground. On warm days, chipmunks may wake to forage for food outside.

Why Does it Matter?

Chipmunk burrows can cause serious issues. The entry holes are tripping hazards, while the tunnels can weaken home foundations. When the pests aren't resting for the winter, they're eating from gardens and burying seeds in lawns.

To avoid issues with chipmunks, residents should contact Critter Control at the first sign of activity, no matter the season.

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