Problems Caused by Chipmunks under Homes

As gifted burrowers, chipmunks are capable of doing a lot of damage in yards and around houses. They ruin expensive landscaping, uproot garden plants, and even make their way under retaining walls, home foundations, and decks. Over time, the existence of these tunnels puts cracks in cement and basement floors and weakens the overall structural integrity of houses and decks. Additionally, chipmunks carry numerous parasites and diseases that can be spread to house residents.

Prevention & Removal

Modifying habitats is the best way for property owners to prevent infestations of chipmunks under the house or deck. Since the pests use shrubs and other plants for cover, planting foliage away from home foundations and keeping them trimmed makes yards less favorable. If faced with infestations, individuals should contact professional wildlife control before property damage gets out of hand. Critter Control technicians effectively remove chipmunks from under houses and decks.

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