Problems Caused by Chipmunks in the Walls

Chipmunks build their nests in the walls of homes because these spaces offer protection from predators and harsh weather. While inside, they cause several issues. For example, the pests gnaw on wood framing, wiring, and insulation, which can cause structural problems. They also carry parasites and diseases harmful to humans, including encephalitis, Colorado tick fever, relapsing fever, and plague. Finally, chipmunks in walls make squeaking and scurrying sounds, which can annoy house residents.

Prevention & Removal

To keep chipmunks out of the walls, property owners should seal all openings that lead into the home. Modifying habitats by removing shrubs and other ornamental plants from flowerbeds near the home also discourages chipmunks from coming inside. Contact a trained wildlife professional at the first sign of chipmunk activity in the walls. They'll safely and humanely remove the pests and offer tips on preventing future infestations.

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