Damage Caused by Chipmunks in Gardens

The health of garden plants is compromised by the presence of chipmunks as the pests regularly uproot foliage with their tunneling. They also eat nuts, berries, seeds, and leaves commonly found in private gardens. If flowerbeds are close enough to houses, the pests may burrow right through foundations or dig out patio bricks and porch staircases. Both of these activities result in costly repairs and have the potential to cause injury.

Prevention & Removal

To make gardens less favorable to chipmunks, some property owners bury hardwire cloth under the area they intend to plant their flowers. This stops the pests from being able to burrow and uproot vegetation. Planting daffodils is another popular method of keeping chipmunks out of gardens, as the smell repels the pests. If these precautions don't work and property owners still find chipmunks in the garden, they should contact professional wildlife control to remove infestations.

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