Image of a Chipmunk

Where to Find Chipmunk Prints

While animal tracks are a good sign of problems with wildlife, chipmunks have such small feet that spotting their prints can be tough. Looking for chipmunk tracks in snow or the loose soil of gardens and flower beds is the best shot at finding a clear, visible mark.

To avoid mistaking these pests for similar animals, it's helpful to know a few facts about chipmunk footprints.

What Do Chipmunk Tracks Look Like?

Like mice, chipmunks have four toes on their front feet and five on their larger hind feet. However, as chipmunks move around, they hop and bound, which gives a distinct gallop pattern to their prints. Because of these movements, the bigger hind prints in chipmunk tracks appear in front of the smaller front prints.

Why Do Chipmunk Tracks Matter?

Homeowners who find chipmunk tracks often have an infestation on their hands. Prints around pavements and homes suggest that the pests are tunneling underneath. Chipmunk burrows may crack sidewalks or allow the animals access indoors through faults in house foundations.

To take care of this pest problem, contact the professionals at Critter Control. Wildlife experts have the experience to quickly and efficiently remove a chipmunk infestation.

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