What Does Chipmunk Poop Look Like?

Similar in size and shape to mouse feces, chipmunk droppings are small and long with pointed ends. However, even if there are chipmunks in the yard, homeowners may not see the pests' waste.
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Chipmunks have special latrine chambers in their burrows to store feces. On occasion, residents may spot chipmunk scat around lawns and patios.

Image of a Chipmunk

Chipmunk Feces and Disease

Because many wild rodents carry diseases, caution around animal waste is important. Cleaning up droppings in yards without proper protection may result in infection. Chipmunk scat can transmit salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and hantavirus to humans or pets.

Chipmunks in Homes

Chipmunk poop is a good sign that these animals live nearby, which can be a problem for homeowners. The pests eat from gardens and burrow under porches, sidewalks, and foundations. They may even find their way into attics and basements.

People who spot chipmunk droppings and burrows around their house should call a wildlife professional for removal. Critter Control can get rid of the pests and set up prevention measures to avoid future problems.

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