Damage Caused by Chipmunks in the House

Although the pests seem insignificant due to their size, chipmunks cause serious problems when they infest houses. They eat pet foods, rummage through trash bins, and gnaw on furniture, wiring, and other materials around the home. The damage done to electrical cables is especially dangerous because it increases the chances of shorts and fires. Additionally, chipmunks urinate and defecate all over homes, which is unsanitary and creates a foul stench.

Prevention & Removal

Homeowners can use habitat modification methods to reduce the possibility of finding chipmunks in houses. This includes securing trash cans with tight lids, covering pet food dishes, and sealing holes in the building's exterior that are big enough to let the pests inside. In the case chipmunks are discovered in the house, individuals should call professional wildlife control. Trained technicians target nests of the pest and sanitize rooms to ensure house residents' safety.

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