How to Remove & Exclude Birds from Your Roof

Property owners regularly have to deal with birds roosting on the roofs of buildings. This is common in both residential and urban neighborhoods, though the species found taking refuge on rooftops depends on the area of the country in which the neighborhood is located. Some of the most pervasive offenders include pigeons, gulls, starlings, and sparrows. Most birds congregate on the tops of buildings to avoid predation, build nests, or otherwise avoid capture. During their stay, these birds leave behind unsightly droppings and act as general nuisances whose presence is detrimental to nearby residents.

birds on a roof

Damage Caused by Birds Roosting on Rooftops

Birds nest directly in gutters or near drains, chimneys, and other ventilation systems, which inhibits proper water drainage and can even lead to a backup of carbon monoxide in obstructed chimneys. Additionally, these nests create fire hazards as they are highly flammable and often situated near electrical wires and equipment. Finally, bird droppings accumulate on rooftops and can carry diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, encephalitis, and toxoplasmosis. If birds are found nesting on your roof, contact the trained pest professionals at Critter Control to ensure the safe and humane removal of infestations.

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