How to Get Rid of Birds in Soffits and Eaves

Image of a Bird

While scouting for nesting spots, birds seek out secluded spaces that offer cover. This behavior leads to birds in soffits, eaves, and rafters. Often found over porches, patios, and roof ledges, these small overhangs can serve as the perfect shelter for a bird to build a nest.

Problems with Birds in Soffits

The pests cause conflict when they build their nests near busy areas like doorways. Birds nesting in soffit vents may become hostile when residents venture too close. In addition, cracks and other openings in eaves allow birds to enter homes, creating even more problems.

Since their nests frequently hang above areas where people gather, birds in soffits are a health hazard. The pests are vectors for bacterial infections like salmonellosis. A bird can also carry deer ticks, which transmit Lyme disease.

Removing a Bird in the Soffit

Many wild bird species are protected by federal law, so disturbing established nests may be illegal. Homeowners dealing with birds nesting in soffits should contact the pest specialists at Critter Control. Trained technicians can remove problem birds quickly and safely.

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