How to Remove Birds From Your Gutters

Image of a Bird

Bird Nests around Houses

Birds prefer to roost in concealed outdoor spaces like home ledges, eaves, and gutters. The pests favor these spots because they provide protection from predators. As a result, it can be difficult to keep birds from nesting in gutters and avoid the problems they cause.

Issues with Birds in Gutters


Nesting birds in gutters use leaves and twigs to build their homes. This debris clogs outlets and causes rainwater to collect. The added weight of standing water leads to sagging gutters, broken connections, and damage to siding or foundations.


Bird droppings are unsightly and harmful to surface finishes. The acidic waste from birds in gutters eats through paint and can even corrode metal. Accumulations of bird feces are also dangerous to residents due to disease.

How to Keep Birds from Nesting in Gutters

Simple modifications help homeowners prevent birds from nesting in gutters. Installing gutter guards or shields is a popular prevention method for these visiting pests. For serious problems or management of large bird flocks, contact the specialists at Critter Control.

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