How to Get Rid of Birds in the Attic

Image of a Bird

Many bird species will nest on, around, or inside a house. Certain exterior sites, like gutters and window ledges, are easy for a homeowner to notice. However, nesting birds in the attic create unique problems.

Noise & Sounds

When birds roost in attics, the noises they make cause problems for residents. If homeowners hear scratching, squawking, or flapping noises coming from an attic, they should check for a bird infestation.

Health Risks

Birds in attics can spread many diseases. Histoplasmosis is an illness caused by a fungus that develops in bird droppings. Once airborne, the spores infiltrate ceilings and ducts, increasing the chances of infection for residents.

Birds in the attic also bring mites into homes. While these tiny parasites need an avian host to breed, they can take blood meals from humans. Bird mite bites result in skin rashes and irritation.

Removing nests and trapping birds in attics is a health risk that untrained individuals shouldn't take. For the most effective bird control and exclusion, contact the professionals at Critter Control.

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