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These arachnids are common in houses and yards across the country. Some spiders spin webs near outdoor light sources or among boxes in basements, while others hunt for live insect prey around baseboards and closets.

Because some species are venomous, many people fear spider bites.


A spider has eight legs with four on each side of its body. The pests lack antennae and wings. Instead, arachnids have two main body parts: the head and abdomen.

Size and coloring vary by species. Many kinds of spiders feature recognizable markings that help to identify them.


Spiders live in diverse habitats. Environments ranging from tropical regions and deserts to gardens and garages usually have some type of thriving spider population. In any climate, they establish themselves near a consistent food source.


Are spiders known to enter homes or yards?

Property owners often have to deal with spiders in living spaces. The pests enter through any means possible, but most get inside by way of open doors and windows. Cracks in siding or roofing serve as entry points as well.


Do spiders harm people or property?

Many people suffer from a deep-seated fear of spiders, and bites from some species can result in serious symptoms. However, most types of spiders have mild bites that are not medically significant.

In addition, these pests do not damage homes, though their webs create the need for extra cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Control and Safety

Keeping houses free of clutter helps to reduce potential indoor nesting sites. Controlling insects that spiders eat also works as a form of prevention. Homeowners can decrease the pests' presence by vacuuming regularly as well.

Prevention and Removal

Though traps and sprays may seem like effective repellents, these methods do little to get rid of spider infestations. Those experiencing problems should contact a specialist. Pest removal teams have training on how to control spiders most effectively.

This type of pest control is not available in all markets. Please contact your nearest Critter Control location to see if traditional pest control service is available in your area.