When Are Porcupines Active?

These animals can be found in yards year-round. While a porcupine does not hibernate, it will eat evergreen needles and the inner bark of trees in order to make it through the colder months. These foraging habits cause severe damage and can even kill trees.

Habitats & Problems

While they commonly live in forests, porcupines can survive in grasslands, deserts, and even tundra. Backyards may also attract porcupines looking for sodium, a mineral missing from their winter diet. In addition to harming trees, these pests can damage tires while gnawing on road salt. During the summer, a porcupine is more likely to feed on garden fruits and vegetables or nuts.

Removing Porcupines

Since porcupines do not hibernate, they can be a year-round problem. Their presence is especially worrying for pet owners, at these sharp-quilled pests often come into co