What Does a Peacock Look Like?

Peacock Appearance

When tail length and wingspan are taken into account, peacocks are among the largest flying birds on the planet. Males possess blue or green feathers and unique eye-shaped markings on their trains, while females appear brown or gray and lack extravagant tails. Peacocks grow an average of five feet long and often weigh over ten pounds. Spurs nearly an inch in length on their legs are used for warding off enemies during mating season. It should be noted that peahen and peachick are the terms used for females and babies, while the word peacock is technically reserved for referencing males.

Common Habitats

Although wild peafowl are mostly native to India and Middle Eastern countries, they can be found around the world in captivity. Occasionally, some of these birds escape and form colonies. Feral peacocks have been spotted in parts of Florida, California, Texas, and Hawaii. They are attracted to backyards while searching for snacks, eating pet food and fallen birdseed in addition to insects and small lizards. Homes located near trees and reliable water sources may encounter the most issues with peacock infestations.

Problems Caused by Peacocks

Although some people enjoy the presence and appearance of peafowl, many are annoyed by their loud, nasal-heavy screeches at dawn and dusk. Droppings in and around the yard can also become an issue, and lifespans of over 20 years mean the pests can stick around for long periods of time. Peacocks cause property damage to roofs, lawns, and walkways in addition to pillaging vegetable and flower gardens. Wild peacocks are social and often travel in groups, annoying homeowners. Critter Control employs experts with the know-how to identify and remove nuisance peafowl from properties and discourage their return.