Signs of Peacocks in Gardens

Peacocks and peahens mainly eat insects and will dig up yards and gardens looking for food. Additionally, peafowl snack on berries, grass, and plants. Overturned dirt in flowerbeds, uprooted plants, and eaten vegetation are all evidence of peacocks in the garden.

Problems & Damage

When feeding, peacocks in gardens negatively affect plant health and damage landscaping. Additionally, the birds peck at reflective surfaces, which can lead to dents and scratches on windows and cars. Since they can live up to 20 years in the wild, giving peacocks free reign in gardens will only make problems worse as time goes on and they settle nearby.

Prevention & Removal

Property owners can try to deter peafowl by spraying them with water or using bird netting around gardens. While these methods can be helpful, there's still the possibility the birds will roost nearby and cause damage to property. When faced with infestations of peahens and peacocks in gardens, call local wildlife control services, like those offered by Critter Control.