Identifying Peacock Roosts

For most of the year, peacocks and peahens roost high in trees. Since they perch on branches and don't typically build any kind of nest, the only clear sign that the pests are gathering on private properties is seeing them in trees. During nesting season, females dig bowl-shaped depressions in the ground in which they lay their eggs. These are typically lined with tree branches or bits of shrubbery.


Since peacocks will aggressively defend their young, having roosts in yards puts residents at risk of attack. The pests are large and can dominate smaller animals when they feel threatened. Additionally, peacocks are uncleanly and carry diseases like fowl pox, Newcastle disease, fowl cholera, and avian tuberculosis, as well as intestinal worms.

Prevention & Removal

Homeowners should never attempt to remove peacock roosts from their lawns as the birds are easily agitated when their young are being threatened. Instead, call the pest control specialists at Critter Control. Trained technicians know exactly how to remove the birds safely and humanely.