I've Got Trails In My Yard!

As the snow gradually melts away here in the northern U.S., we’re getting increased calls for Vole control. Often confused with moles, these rodents are entirely different. A mole tunnels underground, lifting the soil upwards and making your yard “squishy” when you walk on it. Voles tunnel under the snow pack in winter, but remain above ground and create those “highways” in the grass you see when it melts. They consume that grass and also use it to build nests.

If you’ve discovered critters in your yard, Call 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837).

Vole Track Damage to Yard

Mole Mound Damage to Yard

Vole Lawn Damage Mole Lawn Damage
Vole Mole in Tunnel
Vole Mole


Vole Image Credits - Purdue University

Mole Image Credits - Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University