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The social wasps known as hornets are found across the United States. Only young queens survive the cold season by finding protected areas indoors or under tree bark in which to overwinter. In the spring, workers are born and start expanding the hive.


Roughly 3/4 of an inch to two inches in length, hornets are one of the largest types of wasps. Their coloration varies from light yellow to white mixed with black stripes. The pests have sturdy, robust bodies, big heads, and rounded abdomens.


Hornets make a pulpy paper-like material out of leaves and wood to build their nests. These hives range from a few inches in diameter to the size of a basketball and are often located in trees, bushes, or hanging from the side of buildings. Colonies can get as large as 700 workers during late summer.


Are hornets known to enter homes or yards?
These pests often construct their nests in sheds, porches, or hanging from roof eaves. They'll then enter homes through gaps in house siding or open windows and doors. Sometimes hornet colonies will even set up nests inside homes, such as in attics or wall voids.


Do hornets harm people or property?
Hornets are very aggressive and will violently defend their nests. As such, their presence on lawns and in parks is dangerous. Stings from these pests normally result in redness, swelling, and pain. However, some individuals may be allergic to hornet venom and have adverse, life-threatening reactions.

Control and Safety

In order to make lawns less favorable to hornets, property owners should keep their grass short and trim bushes and trees with regularity. Additionally, inspecting porches and other common nesting areas on occasion helps individuals catch infestations before they grow too large.

Prevention and Removal

Once a nest has been identified, homeowners should keep away and contact pest control services immediately. Since using chemicals is risky and toxic, individuals should leave the extermination to the experts. They will remove infestations and offer tips on preventing future problems.