Appearance & Problems

In areas where gophers are prevalent, property owners regularly find gopher holes in their yards. The mounds of dirt surrounding the holes are generally 12 to 20 inches in diameter and between one and three inches in height. These blemishes are not only unsightly, but they make lawn care difficult. They can also result in injury to residents who are unaware of the presence of the gopher holes.

Furthermore, gophers digging holes in yards can damage gardens by uprooting plants. While burrowing, the pests can even chew through sprinkler hoses and disrupt underground piping and wiring.

Prevention & Removal

To reduce the possibility of finding gopher holes in the yard, property owners can install fencing. Fences should be buried more than a foot underground in order to be effective. Still, this method of exclusion tends to be expensive and does not always work.

The best way to deal with gopher problems is to call a professional wildlife removal specialist. The wildlife removal technicians at Critter Control have the appropriate tools and knowledge to get rid of gophers and provide tips for future issues.