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Cockroaches are among the most unwanted pests. They have a reputation for living in unclean homes, but these insects will actually stay anywhere with food and shelter.

Since they spread a number of diseases, it's best to respond quickly to cockroach issues.


Many home-invading cockroach species look similar to one another. They're usually tan to reddish-brown or black in color and have flat, oblong bodies. Special markings help distinguish between species.


These pests require heat and moisture to survive. That's why they often live in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens in houses. Outdoors, cockroaches gather in sewers, ditches, and leaf litter.


Are cockroaches known to enter homes or yards?

One common way cockroaches get into the house is through drainage pipes. Cracks around doors and windows may also allow entry.

In addition, residents who pick up infested goods at the grocery store can accidentally carry the pests indoors.


Do cockroaches harm people or property?

Famously filthy, cockroaches leave bacteria behind wherever they crawl. They smear germs all over kitchens and pantries, which spreads disease.

People frequently develop food poisoning when dealing with cockroach problems. Airborne particles of their shed skin are also linked to asthma.

Control and Safety

Effective control requires homeowners to identify all hiding places and food sources. As getting close to the pests exposes people to germs, DIY methods are not the safest choice.

Prevention and Removal

Preventing cockroach infestations requires limiting the pests' access to food and preferred habitats. Cleaning regularly and tending to damp areas may help residents avoid pest issues.

If cockroaches manage to move into the house anyway, the most effective response is to call a pest control professional.

This type of pest control is not available in all markets. Please contact your nearest Critter Control location to see if traditional pest control service is available in your area.