Raptor Rescues

It’s not always the same routine of rodent and raccoon inspections at Critter Control. Sometimes the call we get involves the odd creature in the fireplace, loose in a store or warehouse, or even trapped in playground equipment. In these instances, Critter Control was called to rescue and release these raptors.

Owl In Houston Chimneyhouston owl rescued from a fireplace

Critter Control of Houston, TX removed this owl from a fireplace and released it unharmed. The owl had fallen down the fireplace chimney and was trapped in the smoke shelf. A simple chimney cap was installed and nothing will be entering this customer’s fireplace again.

Owl In Columbus Fireplaceowl rescued from a columbus fireplace

Critter Control of Columbus also removed this owl from a fireplace and released it. A quick installation of a chimney cap solved this problem from occurring again.  


Hawk Rescued from Michigan Warehousecoopers hawk rescued from a warehouse

Critter Control of SW Michigan removed this Cooper’s Hawk that had been in a warehouse for 4 days. It was escorted outside, where it flew off unharmed.


Hawk Removed from Nashville Homehawk rescued from a home

Critter Control of Greater Nashville removed this hawk from a home. This was the third raptor rescue for CC of Nashville. Seems like the raptors in Nashville like to find their way inside homes there.


Nashville Owl Rescue

owl rescued from tangled soccer netThis poor owl found itself tangled in a soccer net in Nashville, TN.owl rescued from soccer net Critter Control of Nashville untangled this poor creature and it left dazed, but otherwise unhurt. The owl was so thankful for being removed from the net, that it allowed the manager to use his bare hands to untangle the net. This bird has extremely sharp talons and a beak that could’ve easily removed flesh from his hands.

If you need help with wildlife in or around your home, please call Critter Control – 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837).  

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