Ants in your yard, garage, or kitchen? These nuisance pests contaminate food with their foraging, and some species deliver painful bites. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective ant removal services.


Ants are some of the most common and abundant pests in American homes. If left undisturbed, these social insects may create large colonies in lawns, trees, or around the home.

The pests can contaminate food, damage property, and become a nuisance to residents.


Though color and size vary by species, all ants have three distinct body sections: abdomen, thorax, and head. These insects have six legs and two pinchers that they use to carry food and construct nests.

Ants differ in size from less than a millimeter to a quarter inch in length. The pests are usually yellow, brown, red, or black.


Residents may find ant colonies in a variety of places in a house. Homeowners easily spot the outdoor nests of some kinds of ants by the mounds of dirt or sand at the entrance.

Ants indoors may nest in wood, under appliances, or near a food source.


Are ants known to enter homes or yards?

These small insects enter a home in many ways, often using small cracks around doors, windows, utility lines, or home foundations. They are likely to come inside a house with plenty of accessible food. Spilled drinks, crumbs, and trash attract the pests.


Do ants harm people or property?

Most ants are simply a nuisance, crawling in pantry goods and creating an unsightly spectacle as they travel across floors and sidewalks. Many species will defend themselves if harassed, but only a few ant varieties have painful bites and stings.

Some types may create property damage by burrowing in wood, nesting in electronics, or building nests in lawns.

Control and Safety

Ants are persistent pests. There are many types of baits, traps, and pesticides on the market, so the first step to choosing a remedy is to determine the type of ant infestation. Certain species require different control methods.

Prevention and Removal

Keeping a home clean, free of spills, and moisture-controlled is the easiest deterrent for these pests. For professional assistance in ant removal, contact a local, qualified pest management agent.

This type of pest control is not available in all markets. Please contact your nearest Critter Control location to see if traditional pest control service is available in your area.