How Do Animals Get in the Attic?

Homeowners may notice sounds in their attics during the colder months. Many types of wildlife seek shelter when temperatures drop, making attics a popular nesting spot. Cracks and holes in siding or walls give animals easy entry points.

Animals that Live in Attics

Populations of certain pests in the area can increase the chances of finding animals in the attic. Squirrels, mice, and rats often enter through small openings. Likewise, bats gain entry through any structural gap exceeding ½” in size, and raccoons will tear through weak or damaged spots on your roof to gain entry and rear their young.

Signs of Pests in the Attic

Residents often hear distinct sounds made by animals in attics, including:

  • Scratching at walls, insulation, or support beams
  • Scampering or running across floors
  • Chirping, whining, and other vocal calls

Noises are a strong sign of an animal in the attic. Visual clues are also important. For example, greasy smudges from fur and scratches on fascia boards or gutters are evidence of a potential access point. In addition, piles of droppings on roofs indicate areas where pests enter or exit.

Problems and Removal

Animals that live in attics are more than just annoying; they also cause damage and spread diseases. Getting rid of home-infesting pests is difficult and dangerous for property owners. The professionals at Critter Control have safe, effective removal methods to handle animals in attics.


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