Nuisance Animals in Gutters

Home gutters filled with leaf litter are prime real estate for a number of pests. Rodents and other wildlife prefer hideouts high off the ground and safe from predators. Common animals in gutters include:

  • Squirrels - Squirrels build their nests from leaves, and drainage channels supply plenty of construction materials. Pests in gutters may be trying to find an entry point to the attic.
  • Roof rats - Rodents use downspouts to access the roof. It's not uncommon to find the animals stuck in gutters as well.
  • Raccoons - Agile and curious, raccoons can damage water ducts during their attempts to pry up roof shingles and force their way into attics.
  • Birds - Pigeons, among other birds, clog gutter outlets above downspouts with their nests. Unhatched eggs, droppings, and debris also block drainage areas.

Problems and Control

Homeowners should contact a professional pest removal service before damage occurs. Animals in gutters often tear up fascia boards and shingles in an attempt to move indoors. Also, blocked gutters may lead to expensive roof repairs or unexpected water leaks.

An animal stuck in the gutter can also cause problems. Some pests use building drainage areas as a place to store food and build nests. Occasionally, they get trapped inside. Residents who notice scratches on downspouts or animals in gutters should call Critter Control for assistance.


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