When they invade homes, animals look for dark, remote areas safe from danger. Crawl spaces under floors or roofs provide a quiet, secluded place where pests feel secure. As a result, homeowners may be living with animals in crawl spaces for a long time without knowing it.

Signs of an Animal in a Crawl Space

Outdoor evidence of animals like rats and mice is an early warning sign. For example, rodent tracks and runways in dirt or grass around the home are a problem. If the pests can find a way inside, they won't hesitate to venture indoors. Common indicators of animals in the crawl space include:

  • Scratching or rustling noises, especially at night
  • Droppings near crawl space entrances
  • Waste or carcass smells with no obvious source
  • Grease stains or tufts of fur
  • Gnaw marks and other chewing damage
  • Nests made from shredded paper or debris

Removing Animals in Crawl Spaces

Though these pests may be out of the way, they still cause issues. Even in crawl spaces, animals can cause structural damage or find entry points to main living spaces. Their nests and den sites can attract insects like cockroaches. Fleas and ticks are another concern. Furthermore, animals can become trapped in crawl spaces and die, creating additional problems.

Attempting to trap or remove animals in crawl spaces is a dangerous task. Most wildlife will bite and scratch if cornered, increasing the risk of injury or disease. To remove and prevent unwelcome pests in crawl spaces, contact the experts at Critter Control.


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