Finding Animals in the Chimney

When animals try to get in the house, the chimney is a popular point of entry. This dark, sheltered area seems like a perfect habitat to many birds and mammals. Chimneys protect them from harsh weather and predators while providing access to the home.

What Kinds of Pests Get In Chimneys?

Homeowners often encounter the following animals in chimneys:

  • Raccoons - Raccoons are always looking for places to raise their young and will take advantage of any available shelter.
  • Bats - Since they overwinter in caves and tree hollows, bats appreciate the isolated nature of chimneys.
  • Squirrels - Much like raccoons, squirrels see chimneys as ideal places to give birth.
  • Birds - Uncovered chimneys appeal to a bird's instinct to build its nest high off the ground.

Problems Caused

Having animals in the chimney puts residents at risk of contracting diseases if the pests move indoors. Bats and raccoons carry rabies, while several species of birds harbor Salmonella bacteria.

Noise is also a problem. Squeaking and rustling sounds coming from the chimney in the morning or late at night can quickly become annoying.

Controlling Animals in Chimneys

Timing is everything when it comes to getting animals out of chimneys. Sealing or capping an exit too soon can trap babies inside and lead to hostile or unpleasant pest encounters. Waiting too long to address the problem brings about a host of other issues such as structural damage, foul odors, and insect infestations.

The best way to deal with a live or dead animal in the chimney is to call Critter Control. Our teams have experience removing all different types of pests from homes.

Video courtesy of Full Service Chimney.


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