Why You'll Find an Alligator in the Yard

Though they prefer to live in marshes and similar habitats, alligators will frequent yards where food is easily accessible. Humans who have taken to feeding the pests are more likely to experience reoccurring encounters. Freshwater streams or ponds and an abundance of small animals on a property can also lead to at-home alligator encounters.

Problems & Dangers

Alligators consider domestic pets food and may injure or kill cats or dogs that aren't kept in the house. Additionally, the pests take up residence in private ponds or pools, making them unsafe for swimming. While alligators are usually shy around humans, they will attack when they feel threatened. Therefore, residents are unsafe when there are alligators in yards.


Attempting to remove an alligator in the yard is both dangerous and difficult. Since they can cause serious injuries, individuals should never approach the pests. Instead, if properties owners find alligators in their yards, they should call wildlife control services as soon as possible.